Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chef Jon

Yesterday we were at Target picking up a few things - juice and stuff and, because it was Saturday, they had some samples out for all of the shoppers.  The parking lot seemed pretty full, but we didn't have a line at the checkout.  One of the great things about Target is that it never really seems crowded.  :)

Anyway, Jon and I sampled some pesto chicken pizza (pause for Grampa to gag).  It was very very good.  Jon ate his and then exclaimed,

"This is better than a raw egg sandwich!" 

This is funny for two reasons: 

1.  Just because it's so ridiculous.

2.  Jon has never had a raw egg sandwich so he's not really in a position to compare it. 


Jon likes to put on the little kids apron we have (I think Gramma brought it back from Europe when James was little) and pretend to be the chef at a chic restaurant.  He asks us what we would like - and you can order anything you can think of.  I often order cheesecake.  Sometimes the food is free for his family members, but mostly it comes out to be around $30 - even if it's just a cheeseburger.   

For lunch the other day Jon wanted to make his own sandwich. 

True story.

In other news . . . The kids are mostly better from their colds.  Peter coughs occassionally still.  My poison ivy is on the way out I think.  I definitely won't miss it.  It's been pretty unfun.  Also, Brian went in to the doctor for his cough and he has pneumonia - so that's not good.  He's taking it easy this weekend and hopefully will be feeling better soon.

James is at camp all week.  It's a military theme this year.  He'll be playing keyboard in the worship team and also is a counselor meaning that he's got campers to watch out for.  Monday is the 'turn around' day when the junior campers come home and the senior campers arrive so he'll get a new set of kids.  Camp is over on Thursday so the kids and I will pick him up at church.  Brian has been known in the past to meet us there to welcome our campers too :).


Farmer's Wife said...

Sorry to hear that Dad has pneumonia. Hope he can feel better soon! Rest and lots of fluids. Good to hear that the poison ivy is finally subsiding too! Love you all.

The Resident Farmer said...

Sorry about Daddy, I hope he gets better soon. Pneumonia is not fun. Remember it is also contagious. Attaboy Jon, I can't eat those things that you make, but I wish I could, cause then I wouldn't be such a pain in the butt to Gramma.