Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Last night our family went to the annual Homeschool Recital at church.  There are several homeschooling families that get together twice a month through the school year for playing and visiting.  The kids love going and it's a great way for them to spend time with their friends.  It also gives us moms a chance to get out of the house which is pretty cool too!

This recital gives the homeschooled kids a chance to perform for eachother and the families.  The kids get access to the instruments in the bible college chapel - and some kids bring their own guitars etc.  It's usually a pretty good time.
So, the kids have been practicing for awhile now on their songs.  Unfortunately Faith had a fever all day yesterday so she decided not to sing. 

I thought I might end up staying home but at the last minute we decided to go together.  I'm glad I got to see the kids sing and their friends as well.

I snapped a couple of pictures in the driveway before we left. 

The Smith Boys - a new local band.

With Alyssa as well.  We had to wait for her to finish curling her hair so she missed out on being in the first picture.

Brian ran the video camera while wrestling with Matthew.  I was blissfully unaware of this as I was sitting off to the right and in front of him.  Ooops! 

One of the moms recorded the recital from a better vantage point so we are getting a copy of that video as well. 

But, for now, here is some of the video for you to see.

While watching the video from the recital we came across a funny video of Peter.  I had turned the display of the video camera around so he was looking at himself.  Enjoy . . .

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