Friday, May 30, 2014


On Tuesday we drove to New Orleans to visit Audubon's Insectarium.

It was a long drive but Matthew passed the time by stealing Grampa's hat.

There was a long hallway with lots of little bug displays.

Red Swamp Crawfish - different KIND of red . . . (inside joke)

In front of the cave.

Sitting on a worm.

Cockroaches in the kitchen.

James was pondering something here.


baby alligators

There was a bug costume thing to stick our heads in.

There were some games - I totally beat James at this by the way.

After some of us went to the theater we met in a room filled with mounted bugs.

Pretty cool room full of bugs.

Daddy picked up Matthew so he could see the butterflies.

James is pondering again. 

Matthew ready to hit the butterfly room.

The boys, Daddy and Grampa at the Koi pond.

Butterflies eating fruit.

Butterflies on the window looking out at Canal Street.  


I was there!  Gracie was sleeping in the sling.  

She was awake on the trip there, slept all through the museum, and then woke up again for the van ride home.  Silly girl!

After all of his pondering, a butterfly landed on James.

Daddy and Matthew hanging out in the butterfly room.

Of course after we left the butterfly garden we ended up right in the 

gift shop!


More shopping.

Before we left we backtracked a bit to find this place where we could touch some bugs.  


Matthew working in the Field Camp.

We had a good time!  Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, I forgot the big camera at home so we took these with the cell phone.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Gramma and Grampa - coming soon!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gramma and Grampa

Gramma and Grampa arrived in Baton Rouge last Sunday night.

They both got to hold Baby Grace.

They brought along their "puppies".

The next day was spent hanging around and playing games that they brought along. 

Old Maid

For several games Andrew ended up with this in his hand

He was a bit bummed out.

Alyssa played on the floor with Grace

Hey cutie!

Stay tuned for details of our adventure in New Orleans.