Monday, October 31, 2016


And here we are in October already.  Time sure flies when you're trying to catch up on blog posts.

Let me grab some photos because, honestly, I don't really remember October . . .

It looks like we went to "the walking park" which is the big, open park by our house.  We like to go there in the evenings sometimes.

There is a big sundial in the middle of the park where you can tell time by your shadow, but the sun was too far down for it to work this day.

We also went to a picnic at the church pavilion for Salvation Station workers.

Grace had a lot on her plate that day.

Matthew was there in October.

Grace graduated from something amazing.

Looks like it was cookie school.  Not really, she's wearing Matthew's cap from graduating from Sunday School.

Matthew and Grace got ready for the cold weather that wasn't coming.

We took the kids to LSU to see a volleyball game.

Because Mike The Tiger had recently died, there were lots of pictures and cards stuck on his enclosure.

We had a fun time inside the PMAC cheering on the Tigers.

We saw Mike inside, but Gracie wasn't getting too close.

Selfie at the PMAC

Very soon after that, Brian took me to my very first LSU football game in Death Valley!

It was so much walking from the car and up into the stadium, but the excitement of the crowds and the people there was a lot of fun!

And we'll end with Gracie!