Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Eagle Has Landed!

Today started out early.  Like before five.  I drove Grampa to the airport in the dark.  I had never been to the Baton Rouge airport.  It's pretty small but has a cool water wall fountain thingy.  

Anyway, he had to say goodbye to the kids last night as they were still sleeping when we left.  

When I got home I was able to snag a couple of pictures of "Early Morning Andrew" for Grampa.  Since Grampa has been here, Andrew has been dragging himself out of bed early - too early - and you can tell by the look on his face. 

 Tired little guy.

It was a very interesting month with Grampa here.  I'm sure Gramma will be hearing about all of the trials again now that he's home.  

The trials continue as I waited in vain for our electrical inspection today.  Unless the guy showed up during the hour that I had to go and get James from LSU.  

So, I've been on the phone with the permit office a few times today.  The lady there knew me by my voice.  Ha!  I told them I needed my electrical inspection so that I could schedule my final building inspection.  

But guess what??

I can get the final building inspection before the final electrical.  

Who'd a thunk it?

Come on, roll your eyes with me!

*rolls eyes*

Anyway,  TGSA is over for the most part.  Grampa did a great job building James' room and the storage room.  There are several things that we will be working on.  Siding, gutters, etc. on the outside.  Not in the too near future though.  

The things we will work on this week are painting the door and closet doors in James' room, putting the door handle on, maybe touching up some of the wall paint and moving in the rest of his furniture.  He's been sleeping in there already.  He's happy!

A couple of days before Grampa left I took some pictures of him and James to show how tall James is getting.

He's going to pass up Grampa pretty soon I bet!  

Just got word that Grampa was back in MN!  After a couple hours layover in Atlanta, followed by an extra hour of sitting on the plane due to mechanical problems of the sticker variety, he finally arrived to the comfortableness of his home state.  

Thank you Grampa for all you endured for us - and Gramma for all you endured while Grampa was away! 

Now go to bed for awhile!   

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Five Months Old!!

Matthew is five months old today!!

He's crawling a little bit already!  Lots of things to explore!