Friday, September 30, 2016


I know, I know, but I'm trying to update this blog and hopefully I can get all these posts done today.

So, here is what we did in September!

I failed my glucose tolerance test with Baby Luke so I had to return to the lab and spend THREE HOURS drink a horrible sugar drink and get stuck in the arm 52 times.  (it was only 3 or 4 but it felt like 52)

James texted me this photo from the gas station wondering if he should swipe his card in a gas pump where the card swipe thing was completely tampered with.  I told him no - but it was too late.

He then changed his pin number at my urging.

James headed to LSU to pick up Alyssa from class and took this photo for memories.

Brian and I went out to dinner again :)

We ate at Firehouse Subs (I think) and then went across the street for a turtle sundae at Fredies.

Because Yum!

We got groceries in September once or twice - or maybe 5 times.

We took Andrew out for a Smith Burger at Burgersmith.

And those were some of the highlights from September!

October to come!