Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Whew!  Only four months left to catch up on!  I can do this!!  Hope you're hanging in there with me.

Let's grab some pictures from November!

Luke kept on growing in there - I was getting bigger and bigger.

Gracie and I made some Christmas cookies for the freezer.

James voted in the presidential election (or any election) for the first time.  
Guess who we voted for.  Guess.  

I was still taking Alyssa to LSU for classes.

Jon and I messed around at Target while picking up groceries.

I called Brian from Albertson's to verify that we won't dress in the exact same shirt when we get older.  We both agreed we won't.  

I saw a car that was sewn together.

We had Thanksgiving dinner together.

We decorated for Christmas.

Including a nice tree.

And a Matthew ornament.

December up next!