Saturday, March 31, 2012

Slushies, Shopping and Andrew

Nothing much going on this weekend.  We took some boxes to the storage garage (that's what I said!) and stopped at Sonic which is conveniently located next door.  We haven't been to Sonic in a while so it was a nice treat.  Then we came home.  

James and I went out because he needed to pick up a birthday present for a friend.  Andrew and Jon wanted to come along but I made them leave their slushies at home.  I didn't want them spilling in the car.  As we were leaving Brian told them to put their slushies on the table because Peter and/or Matthew might get them and drink them. 

While we were at the store Andrew wanted to go home and get his slushie.  He was worried that Peter was drinking it while he was gone.  

We also stopped at 'the makeup store' at the mall.  It took me longer to find a place to park than going into the store, making a purchase and getting back to the car.  It was crazy there.  

We finally returned home and found Andrew's slushie was safe and sound and waiting for him.  Whew!!  

James is at the birthday party now.  He's most likely having a good time.  

Here is a picture of Andrew that I took several weeks ago.  I had taken him to the store and bought him what looks like a 3Musketeers Bar.  

I'm pretty sure he was happy about it.  Try it next time you take him to the store and see if you get the same results!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Matthew!

One year ago today Matthew was born.  

It's been lots of fun watching him grow.  

Happy Birthday Matthew!!  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Early Birthday Fun!

We decided to have a little party for Matthew yesterday so that we would have more time to celebrate.  His real birthday is Wednesday and we're most likely going to have a little cake that night too.  

This was the weather forecast.  

Besides that pesky flood warning, it doesn't get much better than that.  

We had big plans for our day.  

First we turned Matthew's car seat around so he's facing forward now.  

We went to City Park for a picnic.  We hadn't had a picnic at the park in a long time.  We brought sub sandwiches, cheese sticks, chips, juice boxes and fruit snacks.  

Then we went to play.

After we played for a little while we went home for presents.  

He was a bit perplexed and the boys had to open the presents for him.  But that's pretty typical.  

Here is a video after he was done opening presents.  

Then it was time for cupcakes and ice cream.  

Alyssa baked cupcakes last night and she and Faith put rainbows on the top.  

His expression is so funny because he looks a bit confused!  

Here's the video.  It sounds like a crowd is singing to him - but it's just us!!  

We sang and then I blew out the candle for him because he didn't know how to do it.  

Then the kids played outside on a new slip-n-slide.  

He had a lot of fun.  

We bought some bubbles to play with too and Matthew thought they were so funny.  

Then baths for everyone and a nap for Matthew.  

Hard to believe he's turning one already!  

Friday, March 23, 2012

The past few days

We found this cool moth in our entryway this week.  

He stayed there for a couple of nights and then he was gone.  

It rained heavy all day on Wednesday.  Our yard flooded, James and his backpack got soaked at school - even with his umbrella.  I guess he needs a bigger umbrella - but then it won't fit in his bag.  Bummer.  

When I picked him up from school on Wednesday afternoon, one of the roads into campus was flooded and  the canal by Winn-Dixie was overflowing.

You can kind of see it there.  Usually you see the cement walls but the water was far over the top.  

Today (Friday) the kids and I brought James to school.  He only has one class on Fridays so when I drop him off sometimes I take the kids to a nearby park to play for an hour.  

Matthew discovered the stairs and started to climb.  

I think he was a little surprised to be up there.  

But he quickly got over it and kept going.  

He also found the swings.  

Andrew was having a good time. 

This was Matthew's favorite part.  

He really liked that lion. 

He found the slide. 

Jon and Peter had fun.  Yes, Peter is wearing shorts.  He's got Jon's shirt on which is too big for him.  

Then Matthew found that thing that Andrew was climbing on.  

And he played peek-a-boo with me a little while.


Not quite ready for this yet - but it looks cool!

They had a good time and then we had to go and pick up James.  

The kids like it when he go to the park!