Friday, March 23, 2012

The past few days

We found this cool moth in our entryway this week.  

He stayed there for a couple of nights and then he was gone.  

It rained heavy all day on Wednesday.  Our yard flooded, James and his backpack got soaked at school - even with his umbrella.  I guess he needs a bigger umbrella - but then it won't fit in his bag.  Bummer.  

When I picked him up from school on Wednesday afternoon, one of the roads into campus was flooded and  the canal by Winn-Dixie was overflowing.

You can kind of see it there.  Usually you see the cement walls but the water was far over the top.  

Today (Friday) the kids and I brought James to school.  He only has one class on Fridays so when I drop him off sometimes I take the kids to a nearby park to play for an hour.  

Matthew discovered the stairs and started to climb.  

I think he was a little surprised to be up there.  

But he quickly got over it and kept going.  

He also found the swings.  

Andrew was having a good time. 

This was Matthew's favorite part.  

He really liked that lion. 

He found the slide. 

Jon and Peter had fun.  Yes, Peter is wearing shorts.  He's got Jon's shirt on which is too big for him.  

Then Matthew found that thing that Andrew was climbing on.  

And he played peek-a-boo with me a little while.


Not quite ready for this yet - but it looks cool!

They had a good time and then we had to go and pick up James.  

The kids like it when he go to the park!


Farmer's Wife said...

Cute pics, looks like they all were having fun!

The Resident Farmer said...

Way cool. Matthew sure looks like he enjoyed himself. We could see on the news that you guys were getting lots of rain. We've had rain for a couple of days too, but we really need it cause we're in a bad drought. Glad you posted, I was starting to worry.

Luv ya. Grampa