Saturday, April 26, 2014

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

After three years of driving by Alex Box Stadium nearly every day, Brian and James went to their first LSU ball game.

A guy that Brian works with gave him some tickets.

I asked James to take some pictures for me so I could blog about their time.  

Lots of purple and gold there.

The photographer himself.

Alex Box Stadium

They had a pretty good view from their seats.

They played Tennessee.

After awhile they wandered around.

And found Brian's friend who gave them the tickets.  

Will's seats were behind home plate.  

Nice view!


Brian and James

It was a close game and LSU ended up winning in the bottom of the ninth.  

They headed to the car to wait in traffic.

Geaux LSU!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Peter

Peter turned the big 05 yesterday.

10 lb 15 oz of baby.  

The next day Jon gave him the nickname of 

And just because it's cool to see how all the kids have grown . . . 

The Smith family - circa 2009

The birthday boy with his presents

We took a dinner picnic to the park . . . 

Forest Park, that is.

Pizza in the Park.

After dinner we migrated to the playground.

Daddy and Peter

Next to the playground was a SPRAYground.  

So we were enjoying the warm evening out.

Well, most of us were. 

Don't worry, James was making that face on purpose.

See, he's having fun!  

Seriously though, he did enjoy himself despite the lack of photographic evidence.

Andrew - monkey bar extraordinaire!

Grace enjoyed herself too.

The Thinker

Then we went back to the table for presents.

When it started to get dark we went home for cake and ice cream.

Happy Birthday Peter!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Two Months

Grace is two months old today.  

She has grown so fast.

Fuzzy cell phone pics.

Also this past week, Faith and Andrew built a tower with all of our Duplo blocks.

It was pretty tall.  

Today is also Peter's birthday.  We've got plans for a picnic later today.  Stay tuned for all of the details - coming soon!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

We celebrated Easter yesterday. 

Grace wore her fancy Easter dress that she got from some sweet friends at church.

After we got home we stood outside for a couple of quick family photos.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter.  

Stay tuned later this week as Grace will be 2 months and Peter will turn 5 years old.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Chips, Picnic, and a New Car - not in that order

We came across these chips at the store the other week and we had to try them.  I don't think I posted about them before.

They were pretty good - tasted like syrup and breakfast sausage.  

Just say the word, Grampa, and I'll pick up another bag for your visit ;)!

Yesterday, on our way to Home Depot for toilet repair parts, we stopped off at Team Honda.  

Brian has been doing lots of research on cars as we've been in the market for one with James approaching 16 and getting his license.

Kids LOVE being at the car dealer (*sarcasm*).  

The best part is playing games on Mom's phone.  Until she has to use it to call Gramma for their address.  

You know they ask you for your nearest relative on the paperwork.  

I guess they need to know where to send the bill.  ;)

Satisfied customer.

*Two hours later* 

Brian drove home in this . . .

2014 Honda Accord Sport

We're pretty excited about it and so thankful for this car.  

Someone e-mailed me recently about all of the cold, snowy weather.  I mentioned the nice picnicky type of weather we were having. 

So, after shopping for cars, we had a little bbq picnic for dinner.  :)

Maybe today we'll make it to Home Depot . . .