Thursday, October 2, 2014

Highland Park

The weather here is really getting nice.  

Something that we like to do is visit the neighborhood park when Brian gets home from work.  

Here are some photos of one such day last week.  

I think James was still at school that evening, so no photos of him.

Faith, Alyssa, Brian and Andrew played catch with the football.

Jon chauffeured Gracie around in her new stroller at the pavilion. 

And the little boys and I tried taking a selfie together.

Ooops - cut myself out there . . . 

Now we got it!  

Love our park and the time we can spend together there!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Grace is 7 months!!

Our Baby Grace is 7 months old already!

Here are some pictures from this last month.

Getting a ride around the house from the brothers.

Happy girl!!


In her exersaucer.

She's crawling around like a champ now - off of her tummy.  And Faith discovered her first tooth last week when Grace chomped down on her finger instead of the Cheerio Faith was giving her.  

She's pulling up on everything and will let go of the couch and stand there for a few seconds before holding back on.  

We think she'll be walking soon - just like her brothers and sisters.  

She's such a cutie!