Monday, January 14, 2013

Navigator of the Seas Day 2 - At Sea

I forgot to mention that we stayed up until we hit the Gulf of Mexico I would estimate it was around 12:30am.  We could tell the difference in the roll of the ship.  We both found the movement so neat and we did not have any signs of seasickness at all.  In fact, if I hold really still I think I'm still moving a little bit! 
On to day 2 - our first day at sea! 

I woke up at 6:15 - not sure why.  I was able to go back to sleep until about 7:45 when I decided to get up.  I headed out on the balcony to take some pictures.  The weather had warmed up considerably but it was still cloudy. 

We headed up to the buffet for breakfast.  Of course it was more crowded than last night but we were able to find a table and sit down.  

We both got a lot of fruit and a few other things.  

We also had water. 

We did some exploring around the ship.

Then we went to the Port Shopping Talk.  

It was mostly about how and where to buy jewelry or watches.  Since this didn't apply to us, we left early and headed for the Digital Photography Seminar.  This was much more interesting for us and I learned a few things to try with my camera.  

Soon it was lunchtime and we headed for the Main Dining Room on Deck 3 for lunch.  The first floor of the dining room is only open for lunch on sea days.  They feature a Tutti Salad Bar on these days.  We thought we'd better try it out.  Unfortunately they didn't have any tables for two left so we were seated at a six-top with two other couples.  

We did a little visiting with them but didn't dawdle during lunch.  

I had the Grilled Steak Sandwich.  It had eggs on the top.  It was pretty good although the steak was a little tough.  

Brian had the Moroccan Pita sandwich.  

We both had the salad bar as a starter.  The salads were huge and could have been a meal by themselves.  We finished with dessert.  Some chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.  It was yummy!  

On our balcony.  We brought the tripod along to take pictures of us together.  

More exploring around the ship. 

Deck 4.  The outside deck.  It was cloudy all day.  The upper pool decks were very windy and a little chilly. We got two large pool towels and took them to our loungers on our balcony.  It wasn't windy there so we were able to enjoy it. 

That afternoon we had tickets to the ice show.  There is a skating rink mid ship on Deck 3.  We got there a little early and were able to find two good seats together.  

We really enjoyed the show.  There were several 'scenes' and the skaters played many roles.  There were a few falls but in all the show was impressive.  

The Solarium - adults only pool

There was a model of Shrek at the entrance to the hallway leading to our cabin on deck 7.

Some of the views from our balcony.

That night was the first formal night.  Because we had missed dinner in the dining room on the first night, we made a reservation for 6 pm for Day 2.  

We got dressed and took some pictures on the balcony. 

We made it to the dining room and had a lovely table by the railing.  We were able to look out over the dining room.  Our waiter and assistant waiter were very good.  We had scallops for our starter.  I had the Shrimp Ravioli and Brian had Roasted Duck.  For dessert we both got the Double Strawberry Cheesecake.  

The food was very good and the service was amazing.  They would refill our drinks and offer more rolls all the time.  They worked so efficiently you hardly noticed them.  We were in and out of there fast.  Because it was just the two of us, we didn't take long.  

We hit the Cafe Promenade for coffee and hot chocolate.  We strolled a little on the outside Deck 4 but it was very windy.

We returned to our cabin and found a friend on the bed!  

 Our first towel animal.

We changed out of our formal clothes and went over the next days' schedule.  We brought along a highlighter to mark the things that we thought we might like to do.  Then we went to the Sports Deck, aft, to play mini golf.  Brian won that first game.  

Up next . . . Day 3 - Cozumel  


Wife of the Farmer said...

Sounds like Day 2 was pretty fun too. Glad you got to the skating show. Lots of good looking food again. VERY nice picture of you both heading to dinner too! I remember the great service in the formal restaurants. They would clean the bread crumbs off the table so quickly.... hahahaha. Glad you had fun,

The Resident Farmer said...

Cool. More great pics. You guys clean up real nice, it looks like a "Red Carpet" moment. What a beautiful couple. I,m glad you didn't get seasick, especially since the seas are calm in your pic. Glad you brought your tripod. Waiting for more.