Monday, November 24, 2014

Grace is 9 Months!

Our littlest girl is 9 Months old today. 

In order to get a post up on time instead of so late like last month, I tried to use our tablet to take some pictures. 

She's so wild it's hard to get her to hold still.

She has Einstein hair.  😀

Maybe I'll try and hold her in my lap . . . 

Sort of worked!

She took a couple of steps the other day already.  She was going for Matthew who was hold in out his arms to her.  It was pretty cute! She has six teeth now and getting another one.  She likes to play "row your boat" and listen to Christmas music.  

Stay tuned for pictures from our trip to NOLA and the Audubon Zoo - coming soon!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Home School Softball Game

On Saturday, November 1, 2014 we had our first ever home school softball game.  

It was just a casual game at the local ball fields.

Brian was the coach of the red team.  

Faith at bat.

Andrew at bat. 

Alyssa at bat - check out our brave catcher (our friend's son)

Jon at bat.

Some in field action. 

James at bat. 

Again - the brave catcher!!

And - he's off!

Alyssa and Gracie.

The whole gang - plus Peter.

We had beautiful weather and lots of fun!  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Random October

We've been quite busy - which is totally normal around here.   

I thought I'd share some random funnies from October.  

One Sunday after church Andrew put on James' suit coat and did some modeling on the back patio.

Serious look.

Ready for anything!

Matthew had a leaning tower of sandwich for lunch. 

He's not quite sure about it.

Another day he had a "two-face" pb&j.

Two two-faces.

Lunch is a trip around here :)

Earlier in October we bought a couple of pie pumpkins to make pies with.  

Also toasted some pumpkin seeds. 

We had a little blind taste test.

Canned pumpkin on the left and fresh pumpkin on the right.  

For the life of me, I can't remember the results.  I'm pretty sure we decided that canned was better for time and ease.  I think they tasted pretty much the same with more people liking the canned though. 

We had so much pumpkin left over that we did another taste test of "pumpkin pie spice" versus individual spices. 

More people liked the pie made with the pumpkin pie spice better.  

So, we'll be making pumpkin pies with canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice this year for Thanksgiving.

You'll all sleep better knowing that I'm sure ;)

Peter was working hard at school doing a bit of addition flashcards.  

He's calculating . . .

He got it right!

On one of many trips to Target last month . . .

Matthew found a dog - just a statue of a dog, right, Mom??  

Stay tuned for photos from our first ever home school softball game.  

Monday, November 10, 2014

Grace 8 Months

We've been out of commission for awhile - busy, sickness, poison ivy, etc.  So I missed Grace's 8 month post.  

Here it is - better late than never! 

She's getting so big - eating lots of everything and she likes being at the table with the rest of us. 


On Oct. 31 most of the kids went to an event at church and we took all three girls and Matthew out to IHOP for pancakes.

She's ready! 

Nice reaction to the pancake, huh.  

Such a face!

Happy girl!

Stay tuned for more of what we've been up to.  

Finally got the pictures downloaded on the computer!