Monday, November 10, 2014

Grace 8 Months

We've been out of commission for awhile - busy, sickness, poison ivy, etc.  So I missed Grace's 8 month post.  

Here it is - better late than never! 

She's getting so big - eating lots of everything and she likes being at the table with the rest of us. 


On Oct. 31 most of the kids went to an event at church and we took all three girls and Matthew out to IHOP for pancakes.

She's ready! 

Nice reaction to the pancake, huh.  

Such a face!

Happy girl!

Stay tuned for more of what we've been up to.  

Finally got the pictures downloaded on the computer!

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Wife of the Farmer said...

What a little (big?) Cutie!! She's sure growing up fast!! Love you all!