Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Waiting . . .

For tires that is.

It was time to get tires on the Honda.  So, after much research, we went to Sears Automotive to get the job done.  

They said it would only take an hour so we hung around.

Daddy and a couple of the boys.

There was a convenient candy machine in the waiting room so we bought some Life Savers.

Matthew's second ever Life Saver.  He wouldn't keep the first one in his mouth and then proceeded to drop it on the floor and needed a new one.  

He needs more practice I guess.  

Matthew wanted to know who this guy was.  So he stood for a picture with the Michelin Man!  

And, yes, we're also waiting for something else a lot more exciting than tires.

  One more week from today until our "due" date - but we all know what that means . . . nothing much!  

Photo-bombed by Matthew!

Stay tuned!


The Resident Farmer said...

Wow! Good thing you have long arms or you couldn't scratch your belly button.

Wife of the Farmer said...

I agree with Grampa....Wow! Can't wait for the new member of the family to arrive. Love you all!