Tuesday, June 24, 2014

James Spartanburg Wrap-Up

James got home yesterday from Spartanburg, SC where he was helping with a kids camp with a team from our church. 

We were able to watch him on t.v. with our Roku.  

We took some pictures of him on the screen, haha!

He went out to dinner a lot. 

And enjoyed being part of the camp.

On the way home he had another layover in Atlanta.  

He was bored

so he made a video to share with you.

He finally got a window seat and had a good view.


He had such a good time and may be able to return next year.

4 Months

Grace is four months old already.  

She's so much fun! 

She sat up on her own the other day .

She's laughing and smiling all the time and the kids are really enjoying her.  


Giraffe on the buns.

With Daddy!

She's such a sweetie!  

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Battle, a Baby and a Beard

Part of the fun of downloading pictures from my camera to the computer is finding surprise pictures that the kids have taken.

Such as documentation of a battle between Hulk and War Machine. 

Even though technically they are on the same team, they must have been having some kind of beef with each other.

Having "words"

Hulk takes him down.

War Machine is unable to recover. 

Hulk wins!!

In other news . . . 

Gracie is STILL cute!

She got a box of new clothes from G&G Berg

So pretty and tasty too!

And finally . . .

Matthew had blueberry pie and ice cream.  Blueberry Beard!

The End

James' Trip to Spartanburg, SC Part 1

James was invited to go along with a small team from Salvation Station to Spartanburg, SC for a kids camp.  

He flew out early on Wednesday and sent back some pictures of his trip. 

He was pretty excited.

Victoria and James

They went from New Orleans and they had a layover in Atlanta.

Where he picked up some breakfast.


Then they boarded a second flight to Greenville, SC.

James and Victoria


They drove to Spartanburg, had lunch and rested at the hotel before the first evening service. 

We tried to watch "live" but there were problems with the streaming. 

James took a picture of the tent canopy they are under.

This morning we watched "live" and it was a lot smoother.  

We took some pictures of James on the screen.

Part of Salvation Station's worship team and Pastor Mike

 It sure was fun to see him online.  

I will give updates as they come.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to both of our fathers! 

Enjoy a couple of pictures from the past.  

Love and miss you both and hope you have an excellent Father's Day! 

James is 16!

James turned 16 last week, doh!

It all started with the "Measuring of the Child"

We have a board in the laundry room where we measure each kid on their birthday. 

Watch the kids grow.  It's really fun seeing how they relate to each other at each age. 

James has been hanging out alone at the top of the chart.  Finally officially above 6 feet. 

After church James had some friends over for pizza.

Then we had cake.

I made him a Captain America cake.

He loved it!  Haha!

Red, white and blue on the inside.

After lunch the kids played games.

They also did some keyboard and guitar playing.  

Later that evening we took some informal family photos with the birthday boy.

James and the girls.

Gracie was enthralled with the ceiling fan and light.  

Bunches o' boys

What a character!  Happy Birthday James!