Friday, September 28, 2012

Critters, Fudge and Blankets

The Farmer has been putting up some critter pictures lately.  Well, us Smiths have a critter story of our own. 
Tuesday morning Brian said he had been woken up by a loud noise like someone/thing walking around on plastic on the patio.  He got out of bed to check but didn't see anything. 
We looked out the sliding door and noticed that the garbage bag in the can outside had fallen into the can so we stepped out to investigate.
Inside the garbage can was a possum.  He appeared to be sleeping.  We assumed that he couldn't get out of the can and so had stayed in there for the rest of the night.  I tipped over the can thinking he would get out - but no dice.  He just stayed there. 
So, I went out the bedroom door that leads to the patio and lifted up the bottom of the can hoping to slide him out - but no dice there either.  He just struggled to get further down into the Cool Ranch Doritos bag that he was happily munching/sleeping in. 
You can barely see him in there.

Here you can see his fur.
He remained in the Doritos bag ALL DAY.  I wouldn't let the kids outside at all because, well, there was a POSSUM on the patio. 
It was kinda strange. 
That night was kids eat free at Plucker's so we decided to go out for some chicken. 
There was a fish tank by the front door.
They had to put two tables together for us. 

The kids spent time coloring on their menus.

Alyssa and Jonathan.

Peter and James were watching some television.

Matthew liked the fries with ketchup - mostly he liked the ketchup.

Matthew and I.

Peter liked the fries and the chicken.
When we got home - the possum was gone!  Yay!! 
Wednesday there weren't any reports of possums in the area. 
I made fudge that day - twice.  The first time it got burnt because I was busy making something.

Matthew's blanket! 
I had to borrow a friends sewing machine - long story. 
It turned out really nice.
I think he likes it.
Wednesday night I saw the possum again. 
I took a couple of pictures through the sliding door so they are not the best quality. 

This is the 'little' possum.  There is a big one sometimes too - huge - but this is the little one.
Then I went to bed and found this . . .
Next up is backyard fun - stay tuned.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Where Has My Camera Been?

The kids like to take pictures. 
Lately when I get my camera back - especially my phone - it's been put on 'negative' mode and several alien-esque photos can be found. 
Here are a couple of examples.

Not all of them are like that.  Some of them are just random shots from life around the house.


It's always interesting to get my camera or phone back and see what the kids have taken shots of. 
Stay tuned for some backyard fun with Matthew.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's Up??

Ah - I'm in danger of going the way of Ted and his blog (love getting a dig in on that brother of mine).  Whenever I haven't posted in a while I feel bad for leaving all four of my readers hanging.  So, here is an update on what's up with us!
The night BEFORE Isaac visited us our pretty red patio umbrella bit the dust.  We woke up that morning to find the pole snapped in half.  I'm guessing the wooden frame at the top was just too much weight for it.  We survived a few weeks without an umbrella, but with the return of the cooler weather and picnic season, we needed another one.
Jon, Faith and I ventured out to Home Depot to try and find a new one.  I was looking for a 9 footer so it would shade most of the table.  We found a striped one for a decent price and amazingly squeezed it into the Honda for the ride home. 

Getting ready for a picnic.
After Isaac the neighbors banana plant fell over from the wind.  The bananas were laying on the ground for a few days before I decided to steal take them.  Actually I scientifically checked the lot boundary and concluded that the stalk of the banana plant is officially in our yard so I picked up our bananas and took them inside.  :) 
It took forever for them to ripen, and they were really short, but we ate them and they were good.

Home grown bananas.  Yep!
James and Matthew hanging out. 

Last Saturday while grocery shopping I picked up some donuts at Target.  They really have some of the best bakery donuts around.  They don't carry many, though, so when I pick up a couple dozen on Saturday morning I pretty much wipe them out. 

Saturday morning donuts!

Well, that's a little of what's been going on.  Stay tuned for a new installment of 'When Kids Are Photographers'.  I'm thinking of changing the title to 'What The?'  or 'Where Has My Camera Been?' 
You don't want to miss it!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Story Bots

It's been too long since I've posted.  I've been busy with broken things - AC, the car windshield and a sewing machine. 
To pass the time until the next new post, check out this funny video of Peter.
Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Sitting here holding a sick baby.  Might as well throw some pictures at you.
These are the smiles I'm missing from him today.


Must be something extra cool under the couch.

Looks like some kind of crime was committed here . . .
I think maybe the guy in the grey pants did it.


Jumping on the couch is tolerated to some extent. 

The kids made a tent with blankets on the kitchen table.

Then it looks like they tried to get Matthew to do their school work.

I don't think he's too interested in it.
And that's all for now. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Winner, Winner Chicken Picture

Matthew was the lucky winner of the chicken naming contest over on the Farmer's blog. 
He received his prize today in the mail! 
We promptly hung it up in the schoolroom! 
The weather has been great the last few days so we have spent a lot of time outside. 

We found this bird's nest in the grass by the swing set.

Kinda cool to see up close how it was made.  It even had pieces of plastic threaded through it. 


The kids found a toad.  They said it had no feet, but I did not verify this. 
Stay tuned for something.  I just downloaded 100+ pictures off my camera.  Must be something good in there.