Friday, September 28, 2012

Critters, Fudge and Blankets

The Farmer has been putting up some critter pictures lately.  Well, us Smiths have a critter story of our own. 
Tuesday morning Brian said he had been woken up by a loud noise like someone/thing walking around on plastic on the patio.  He got out of bed to check but didn't see anything. 
We looked out the sliding door and noticed that the garbage bag in the can outside had fallen into the can so we stepped out to investigate.
Inside the garbage can was a possum.  He appeared to be sleeping.  We assumed that he couldn't get out of the can and so had stayed in there for the rest of the night.  I tipped over the can thinking he would get out - but no dice.  He just stayed there. 
So, I went out the bedroom door that leads to the patio and lifted up the bottom of the can hoping to slide him out - but no dice there either.  He just struggled to get further down into the Cool Ranch Doritos bag that he was happily munching/sleeping in. 
You can barely see him in there.

Here you can see his fur.
He remained in the Doritos bag ALL DAY.  I wouldn't let the kids outside at all because, well, there was a POSSUM on the patio. 
It was kinda strange. 
That night was kids eat free at Plucker's so we decided to go out for some chicken. 
There was a fish tank by the front door.
They had to put two tables together for us. 

The kids spent time coloring on their menus.

Alyssa and Jonathan.

Peter and James were watching some television.

Matthew liked the fries with ketchup - mostly he liked the ketchup.

Matthew and I.

Peter liked the fries and the chicken.
When we got home - the possum was gone!  Yay!! 
Wednesday there weren't any reports of possums in the area. 
I made fudge that day - twice.  The first time it got burnt because I was busy making something.

Matthew's blanket! 
I had to borrow a friends sewing machine - long story. 
It turned out really nice.
I think he likes it.
Wednesday night I saw the possum again. 
I took a couple of pictures through the sliding door so they are not the best quality. 

This is the 'little' possum.  There is a big one sometimes too - huge - but this is the little one.
Then I went to bed and found this . . .
Next up is backyard fun - stay tuned.

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Farmer's Wife said...

Little possum....ewwww. Big possum....EeeWwwww!!
Fudge....YUMMY!! Great looking blanket too Mommy.
Nice pics of the kids at the restaurant too. Love you all.