Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Winner, Winner Chicken Picture

Matthew was the lucky winner of the chicken naming contest over on the Farmer's blog. 
He received his prize today in the mail! 
We promptly hung it up in the schoolroom! 
The weather has been great the last few days so we have spent a lot of time outside. 

We found this bird's nest in the grass by the swing set.

Kinda cool to see up close how it was made.  It even had pieces of plastic threaded through it. 


The kids found a toad.  They said it had no feet, but I did not verify this. 
Stay tuned for something.  I just downloaded 100+ pictures off my camera.  Must be something good in there.


The Resident Farmer said...

No feet? Must have made it easy to catch. Wow, I just sent the pic on Monday. That was fast. I bet not many kids have a picture of their Grandfathers with a chicken. Well, maybe Colonel Sanders grandkids, but how many others? Lucky, lucky.

Farmer's Wife said...

I see that the chicken ( and Grampa ) picture got a priority spot on the wall. Great!
There has been a BIG toad on the driveway every night here lately. Not sure where he is during the day. ?
Love you all!