Saturday, September 8, 2012

Last Weekend


As part of my meal planning, I've asked the kids to help out with cooking.  I let them take turns picking a meal and helping prepare it.  Probably won't happen every week (such as this weekend as we'll be at a friends house) but it's fun.
Last weekend it was Jon and Andrew's turn.  They made french bread pizza.  

Jon is opening the olives.

Andrew spreading on some sauce.
They also helped add the sausage, pepperoni and cheese on the top.
I put onion and green pepper on Brian's piece.

Into the oven.



Peter asked if he could 'pray and eat'.  Peter asks this at least once (sometimes twice) at every meal.

Matthew enjoyed it.  Look at that tummy!
Monday was Labor Day!!  Brian had the day off (mostly) so the kids elected him to cook 'mancakes' again for breakfast.

Oh yeah!!

Matthew digging in. 
Then Brian went to work to make up some hours from having days off last week for Isaac.  I made lasagna to bring to the annual home school picnic at church.  The kids and I went to the picnic and Brian met us there. 

Here is Matthew eating a chicken nugget and drinking some juice.

Funny face. 
Our friend Jessica makes cake pops (and other things). 
Matthew had one.




He liked it!!
No pics of the other kids because they sat with their friends and played on the playground the whole time.



The Resident Farmer said...

Green peppers and onions, yeah. Mancakes, yeah.
Cakepops, yeah.
I think I need to eat something.

Farmer's Wife said...

Whew! Lots of good-looking food. I think I need a lie-down. :)
Love you all!

Corinna said...

Hahaha! You guys are funny!! :)