Friday, April 27, 2012

Camping Continued . . .

So, as you recall, Brian took the kids camping a couple of weeks ago.  I finally have the pictures from Brian and James so I thought I would finish the report. 

After loading up the van they set out on their trip. 

Riding in the van.

After about nine minutes of driving (maybe less) they stopped for lunch at CiCi's Buffet.

Where Jon loaded up his plate.

They had a good lunch . . .

But it was time to get back in the van.

For the long drive.

With a full tummy, Andrew fell asleep.

Pretty soon they had arrived and worked together to set up camp.

  After everything at camp was squared away they headed over to play in the splash zone.   

Looks like they all had a fun time. 

They also took some walks through the swamp trails.

They found several snakes while walking. 

They had burgers and chips that night for dinner. 

The next morning dawned bright and promising.

They visited the nature center that is in the park.

And saw lots of cool things.

They also took more walks.

There were boardwalk-type trails to explore.

Faith and Jon having fun.

I guess it was hot out.

When they got back to camp they had hotdogs for lunch over the campfire.

Then it was time to pack up and, after another visit to the spray park, they headed home where Peter, Matthew and I were waiting for them.

They had a good time camping and I think the plan is for all of us to go along next time.  Peter really really wants to try it. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Peter's Birthday

We celebrated Peter's birthday over the weekend. 

He used to say 'pizza, cake - eat it' every time we drove into the parking lot at Brian's work.  No one is sure why he said it, but we all thought it was funny.

So this year for his birthday I decided to make him a pizza cake.  

Here I am putting on the 'cheese'.

We even put it in a pizza box for him. 

He liked it.

Then we filled up a little pool

And the kids played outside for awhile.  The weather was beautiful!

Then it was time for presents.

It always gets a little crowded at present time.

Then we sang happy birthday and had pizza cake. 

Thanks for the gifts!  He had a great birthday!

P.S.  Stay tuned for continuation of the camping trip.  Finally got the pictures.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Peter!

Today we celebrate Peter's 3rd birthday! 

Here we are in the hospital with Peter just after he was born.  I think this was the next morning.  I love this picture because you can see how young the other kids are too. 

Peter in the hospital.

Here is Peter when he was 1.  You can see he still doesn't have any hair. 

This is Peter in May 2010.  He had just arrived in Minnesota after his first airplane trip.  You can tell by his wild eyes that he was so very excited and impressed with what he found in the land up North! 

Here he is at 2.  Finally has a bit of hair there. 

Here he is in April of 2012.

He's quite a guy to hang around. 

Happy Birthday Peter! 

Stay tuned for party updates!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Setting up Camp

OK - where were we? 

Oh yea, they had just arrived at Tickfaw State Park.  What's a Tickfaw you ask?  I have no idea. 

Anyway - time to set up camp. 

Look at how big the van looks in this picture.  Huge!

The tent was successfully set up. 

Hanging out.

Playing in the sand that is the tent pad.

Shocked or bored?  Who knows - but don't they look alike??

Faith blew some bubbles.

Rummaging in the woods with Daddy.

And that concludes the pictures that Alyssa took.  Apparently she set the camera on the picnic table and then 'lost' it.  Hmmmm.  I need to get some more pictures from James and Brian to continue the report. 

Stay tuned!