Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Peter's Birthday

We celebrated Peter's birthday over the weekend. 

He used to say 'pizza, cake - eat it' every time we drove into the parking lot at Brian's work.  No one is sure why he said it, but we all thought it was funny.

So this year for his birthday I decided to make him a pizza cake.  

Here I am putting on the 'cheese'.

We even put it in a pizza box for him. 

He liked it.

Then we filled up a little pool

And the kids played outside for awhile.  The weather was beautiful!

Then it was time for presents.

It always gets a little crowded at present time.

Then we sang happy birthday and had pizza cake. 

Thanks for the gifts!  He had a great birthday!

P.S.  Stay tuned for continuation of the camping trip.  Finally got the pictures.

1 comment:

Farmer's Wife said...

I think you need to share the recipe for the pizza cake... ?
Looks like it was a good party.