Thursday, April 12, 2012

Carports, Crazy Hair and Courthouses

After we finished our remodel - or rather after Grampa finished the remodel - I noticed a house in the neighborhood that was closing in their carport.  They're still working on theirs - it's a slow process for them. 

Tuesday when we left to get groceries I noticed the people directly across the street were beginning to close in their carport as well.  

This is a bad picture - I didn't want to be too obvious.

Seems we might have started a new trend . . . 

Brian took Jon and Peter out for a Sonic treat after they helped him wash the van this weekend. 

Matthew got a hold of an empty cup.  It's almost as big as him.

Here's the back of his head as he pulls the straw out and then tries to stick it back into the cup.  He can amuse himself like this for a long time.

And here he is having a little taste.  See his crazy hair on the left side of the picture?  This is what happens when he takes a nap after a bath. 


About jury duty. 

Last year Brian got a jury questionnaire to fill out and later received a summons that he was to call in each day during a certain week in August to find out if he was needed at the courthouse.  Grampa was here that week.  He never was needed and didn't have to serve on any jury.  I received the same questionnaire last month.  There was a place available for any reason that we felt we should be excused from duty.  So, I made note of being the caregiver for the kids and that I am still nursing Matthew. 

A few weeks later I received a summons for jury duty requiring me to appear in court on Monday April 16th.  No "call and see if you are needed" for me.  There was a paragraph about faxing or mailing an excuse request by a certain date.   There was also a bold area on the back stating that they expected potential jurors to make child care arrangements.  So, I wrote a letter stating my reasons for needed an excuse.  Then I heard nothing. 

A week went by. 

So I called the courthouse on Wednesday to enquire about getting an excuse.  She told me that my letter was received and that the judge would be making a ruling on my request and I could call back Friday afternoon to find out if my request was granted. 

Good times. 


Tomorrow is the big camping day. 

Stay tuned to find out all of the amazing details including who's going along and who's staying home (and what happened when).

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