Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Update and Other Stuff

So, Brian and James took the van to Sears Auto on Saturday morning.  You may remember what happened to our tire the day before. 

This is what they removed from the tire. 

I believe that it is some kind of debris from an accident that occured at that corner earlier in the day.  It was a bad accident and both vehicles were towed away.  Down here they are terrible at cleaning up after accidents and I drive by accident debris piles that have been there for weeks.  Frustrating.  I may just write a letter to someone.

Another shot of it.  Needless to say we needed a new one. 

Saturday afternoon the three big kids and I went up to the church to help serve lunch/dinner to visitors during camp meeting. 

Here they are in their stylish aprons before the people came.  The kids alternated between serving drinks and desserts.  I think they had a good time with their friends and meeting people from all over. 

Our Easter Sunday was low-key.  Matthew and Peter were sick so Brian stayed home with them and I took the rest of the kids to church.  It was packed - as is usual for Easter Sunday.  Andrew got a little basket of candy from his awesome Sunday School teacher. 

We stopped at the store on the way home to buy a new umbrella for our picnic table.  We woke up several weeks ago to find our old one had torn.  I had been pricing the umbrellas at a few local stores and Winn Dixie had the lowest price.  We found out when we got there that day the umbrellas were another $10 off.  Score!

We went with red - we like it.

We had an Easter picnic that day.  The weather was beautiful. 

Stay tuned for more blog entries coming soon - including preparation for this weekend's camping trip and a jury summons!


The Resident Farmer said...

Great pic of the the "Three Amigos", they're growing so fast. Did you have to get a new tire?

Corinna said...

Yes - a new tire!