Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Peter!

Today we celebrate Peter's 3rd birthday! 

Here we are in the hospital with Peter just after he was born.  I think this was the next morning.  I love this picture because you can see how young the other kids are too. 

Peter in the hospital.

Here is Peter when he was 1.  You can see he still doesn't have any hair. 

This is Peter in May 2010.  He had just arrived in Minnesota after his first airplane trip.  You can tell by his wild eyes that he was so very excited and impressed with what he found in the land up North! 

Here he is at 2.  Finally has a bit of hair there. 

Here he is in April of 2012.

He's quite a guy to hang around. 

Happy Birthday Peter! 

Stay tuned for party updates!

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Farmer's Wife said...

SO cute!! Boy, you sure can see that everyone has grown.