Saturday, April 7, 2012

Once Upon A Time

They were driving home when all of the sudden they heard a pop sound followed by a 'flapping' noise.  She was afraid that the tire had blown, but a quick look in the side mirror dispelled that thought.  Hmmm.  She put it in the back of her mind and planned to check on the tire in the morning.  

As dawn broke (okay, not quite dawn, we all know that she's not up that early) she went outside in her lollipop pajama pants to check on the tire and this is what she found . . . 

Much to their dismay there was a large spike embedded in the tire. 

 So he took the van in to have it fixed.  It also needed an oil change.

Stay tuned for the fantastic (we hope) end to the story. 


Farmer's Wife said...


The Resident Farmer said...

Bummer. Looks like it's time for tires. Not much tread left.