Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016

Since I'm so very far behind on this blog, I'm going to publish a whole bunch of "catch up" posts.  July was a fun month for us.

Here are some of the highlights from July.

We hired some guys to take down a very large palm tree in our backyard.

After the tree came down, a few bats flew out of the mess.  
The boys were thrilled at their new playground.

I kept getting bigger and bigger with baby Luke.

We played lots of one of our favorite games - Catan!

Brian and I went to the Birth Center to have an ultrasound and see Baby Luke for the first time.

We went shopping for a new washing machine after ours gave up on us after nine years. The nerve, right??

Jon took my phone to IYC youth conference at church.  We got some interesting shots out of it

Peter lost his two front teeth and, in the middle of that, looked a bit like a hillbilly.

And that was July - Stay tuned for more!

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