Monday, October 29, 2012

LSU on the Weekend

After some confusion about whether or not James had class on Saturday (to make up from Hurricane Isaac closure earlier this semester) I rushed home from grocery shopping to pick him up and take him to school. 
He was unsure whether or not he had class and after receiving no response by email from his instructor, we had no choice but to show up.

James in the car - looking pretty serious.

I asked Jon to tag along because I thought we might get some exploring done on campus.

The building where James has Elementary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra - math for all you regular folks. 
While we were waiting, another student showed up for class. 
It happened to be the guy who tried to get James to let him copy a homework assignment a few weeks ago.  James said no.

Face paint splattered to protect the guilty.
James went in to see if the instructor or any other students were there. 
They weren't. 
But he took a few pictures of the building to show me where none of the others of us has ever gone before.

The hallway.

Classroom 114.

The 'view' from James' desk.

The classroom.
So, it appeared that there would be no class.  To not waste the trip, we took a visit to the new bookstore on campus so James could pick up a few 'Blue Books' for tests.

Barnes and Noble at LSU

The building has an attached parking garage.  Hopefully it will ease some of the parking congestion on campus.  Not sure about fees to park there though. 

The building just opened this week.  It's very pretty on the outside.

Geaux Tigers!


Mike the Tiger has his pilot's license.  Who knew??

Strike a pose.

An escalator takes you to the second floor to find books, textbooks and other things.

James finds the Blue Book and moves too quickly for me to snap the picture.

Press photo


View from above.

Grampa - there are John Wayne bookmarks.  You should come get one!

Or you can choose Angry Birds!

There is a cafe for snacks/coffee.

Tiger gumballs!
They also have decals for your car/truck.


Take your pick!!
So, after James DIDN'T have class and we went to the bookstore, we finally made it home. 
I still had to get groceries.

So Alyssa and I took Matthew along with some milk and toast to keep him happy! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Jammies and Voting

So, a friend of ours gave me some clothes that her sons had outgrown.  Inside the bag was a pair of super soft jammies.

I put them on Matthew first but had to roll the sleeves and legs.  He thought the moose was a puppy.

He wasn't thrilled and wanted them off.
So next I tried them on Peter.

They fit him a little better.  He wore them to bed. 
On Wednesday Brian and I voted!! 
Remembering the lines I drove and stood in four years ago, I wanted to vote early this year.  Early voting is offered in the State Archives building which is a stone's throw from Brian's work.  He voted on the way to work that morning and the kids and I met him at lunchtime - Taco Bell in hand - so that I could vote too. 

Oooh.  The State Archives building.  I have driven by this building many times but have never been inside. 
There was a line inside!!  Not completely surprising as it was lunchtime and there were people coming in on their lunch hour to vote. 

On the wall behind glass was a huge quilt with a square for each of the states.


Through a door and I saw this:

"Antique" bottle collection.  Looked like recyclables to me.  Hmm.
I voted and got out of there - but didn't get my 'I voted early' sticker.  Bummer.  Ate a taco on the way home.  Glad to have it done.
I found the State Archives building to be quiet and dark inside - which was nice.  Pretty opposite from our house during the day ;).  There were several things on display - photographs and other things to look at.  In all I enjoyed it but probably won't return until the next election. 
In other news . . .
Our satsuma oranges are almost gone.  We've really enjoyed them.  So much fun for the kids to pick their own oranges, peel them and eat them. 
We also have a lemon tree. 
We had about five lemons this year. 

Brian peeled and seeded them - there were lots of seeds - and I made slushies.  Lemonade slushies with our own lemons = AWESOME!!
And I'll leave you with a picture from today.  Each Friday I hit Albertson's on the way to get James from school.  It's just a part of my meal planning adventure.  Meal planning has been going well for us so far.  I'm in the store less and I like knowing what's for dinner.
ANYWAY . . .
My point was this picture

Every time I go to the store Jon asks me if he can drive the little boys in the cart while we shop.  A couple of times in the past he has run over Peter and/or simultaneously crashed into the shelves.  I've taken away his driver's license a couple of times.  Here he is driving today.  He did pretty good.  I had to remind him once or twice not to spin donuts in the meat aisle.  We found everything we were looking for and even scored a deal on some candy! 
Pretty good!

Friday, October 19, 2012

83 Pictures of Mostly Nothing!

No lie.  I downloaded 83 pictures off of my camera this morning.  I believe there were maybe 10 (I'm being generous) that were of anything interesting. 
I'll share some of them with you.

HERE is the photographer.  He wasn't happy that Alyssa took the camera away from him.  Oh - and he needs a face wash. 
In other news . . .
The satsumas are ready!! 
We've been enjoying home-grown oranges for a little while now.  They are way better than the satsumas from the store.  So yummy. 





Matthew is definitely a fan of the oranges!