Friday, October 12, 2012

Twas the Night Before Last . . .

Twas the night before last
and not through the house
but behind the TV
there was a small MOUSE!  
Dad saw it first and yelled -
causing me
to jump on the couch
in front of the TV
Three traps were set
with small bits of cheese
Please let us catch
this little mouse, PLEASE! 
A little while later
no mouse we had caught
but we gathered together
a movie to watch
Every so often
someone would see
the mouse venture out
from behind the TV
We would yell
in a warning to those
who sat up front
dangling their toes
After the show
in our little house
we formed a new plan
to get rid of this mouse
I grabbed a bucket
as we did see
the mouse climb the cords
behind the TV
Finally out
from behind the TV
the mouse ventured slowly
right toward me
I slammed down the bucket
onto the floor
this little mouse
would bother no more
Dad slipped a cardboard
under the top
and as he carried it out
our terror did stop
When it was time
to let the mouse go
with horror we screamed
as it ran back toward the door
Dad stepped back and then
quick as a fox
He slammed the door shut
and I locked the locks
What can you learn
from this tiny mouse:
There are no dull moments
in our little house!
**No pictures were obtained during this episode - but there are several witnesses!**


The Resident Farmer said...

The absolute best ever. Needs to be published. Seriously. Made my day. Thanks.

Love you guys.


Farmer's Wife said...

Wow, very good! Made us both laugh out loud as we read it. You are so talented! Love you all!