Friday, October 26, 2012

Jammies and Voting

So, a friend of ours gave me some clothes that her sons had outgrown.  Inside the bag was a pair of super soft jammies.

I put them on Matthew first but had to roll the sleeves and legs.  He thought the moose was a puppy.

He wasn't thrilled and wanted them off.
So next I tried them on Peter.

They fit him a little better.  He wore them to bed. 
On Wednesday Brian and I voted!! 
Remembering the lines I drove and stood in four years ago, I wanted to vote early this year.  Early voting is offered in the State Archives building which is a stone's throw from Brian's work.  He voted on the way to work that morning and the kids and I met him at lunchtime - Taco Bell in hand - so that I could vote too. 

Oooh.  The State Archives building.  I have driven by this building many times but have never been inside. 
There was a line inside!!  Not completely surprising as it was lunchtime and there were people coming in on their lunch hour to vote. 

On the wall behind glass was a huge quilt with a square for each of the states.


Through a door and I saw this:

"Antique" bottle collection.  Looked like recyclables to me.  Hmm.
I voted and got out of there - but didn't get my 'I voted early' sticker.  Bummer.  Ate a taco on the way home.  Glad to have it done.
I found the State Archives building to be quiet and dark inside - which was nice.  Pretty opposite from our house during the day ;).  There were several things on display - photographs and other things to look at.  In all I enjoyed it but probably won't return until the next election. 
In other news . . .
Our satsuma oranges are almost gone.  We've really enjoyed them.  So much fun for the kids to pick their own oranges, peel them and eat them. 
We also have a lemon tree. 
We had about five lemons this year. 

Brian peeled and seeded them - there were lots of seeds - and I made slushies.  Lemonade slushies with our own lemons = AWESOME!!
And I'll leave you with a picture from today.  Each Friday I hit Albertson's on the way to get James from school.  It's just a part of my meal planning adventure.  Meal planning has been going well for us so far.  I'm in the store less and I like knowing what's for dinner.
ANYWAY . . .
My point was this picture

Every time I go to the store Jon asks me if he can drive the little boys in the cart while we shop.  A couple of times in the past he has run over Peter and/or simultaneously crashed into the shelves.  I've taken away his driver's license a couple of times.  Here he is driving today.  He did pretty good.  I had to remind him once or twice not to spin donuts in the meat aisle.  We found everything we were looking for and even scored a deal on some candy! 
Pretty good!

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The Resident Farmer said...

Awesome. Really like the picture of the boys in the cart with Jon driving. He just needs more practice.

Luv Ya. Grampa