Sunday, October 7, 2012

In the Backyard with Matthew

So, the neighbors behind us have two dogs.  Some kind of black labs - maybe mixed - not sure.  Anyway, they've had them since they were puppies and Matthew has always liked them. 
The only problem (not so much a problem) is that there's a fence between them.

Trying to get the puppies' attention.

I see a nose.


Matthew likes to say "HEEEEYY PUPPY!"


Looking for puppies.

The view through the fence.
If the puppies don't visit, Matthew will pound on the fence to get their attention.

A little peek. 
He really likes those puppies!! 
Other backyard fun:  A long time after Hurricane Isaac we noticed that the neighbor on one side of us still had plywood covering their windows in the back.  We were laughing about how strange it was and Brian mentioned that they'd be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.
I was going to take a picture but forgot and then they took the wood down.


The Resident Farmer said...

That's so cute. I know where there are some puppies he can play with.

Farmer's Wife said...

Pretty darn cute! We like puppies too.....welll, most of the time. Love you all!