Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year In Review!!

Time again for our annual Year In Review post!  

In January

We made funny faces

Had back yard barbecues

And a visit from an owl!

In February

We visited a plantation house

Kept busy with homework 

And waited for the new baby to arrive. 

In March

We stocked the freezer

Said goodbye to some good friends 

Said hello to Grandma and Grandpa Smith

And met our new baby brother!

In April

We were on serious baby duty

And Peter turned two!

In May 

We went to the zoo in New Orleans

Discovered a magnolia in our yard

And James graduated from high school!

In June 

We had vehicle damage x2 - and we weren't even in either vehicle when it happened.  

We had our house on the market and were shopping for a new house.

Brian took the kids to a 3D movie at the theater and they had a great time.

 And celebrated three birthdays. 

In July

The kids went to camp

We gave up on selling the house and bought the materials to build James a new room

And Grampa met Matthew.

In August 

There was shopping with Grampa

Bass Pro Shop

A visit from Jacob Marley

The garage turned into a bedroom and storage room

Jon turned six

And we took Grampa to New Orleans.

In September 

We moved out of a storage garage (and into a different one)

Ate at Sonic

And James continued to go to college.

In October

We had picnics

Satsumas from the trees in the yard

And Mancakes.

In November

We finally met Mike the Tiger

Dressed up like cowboys

And made pumpkin pies.

In December

We did a lot of shopping

Celebrated more birthdays

Made Christmas treats

And had a great Christmas!

Thanks for hanging with us this year.  We hope you've enjoyed the blog as much as we have and we're looking forward to all of the fun stuff we can share with you in 2012!  

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back the Truck Up!

I transferred a lot of photos from the cameras to the computer today and found a few that I wanted to share from before Christmas.  

People down here have a bit of difficulty spelling simple words!  Ha!  I thought this sign was funny.

Matthew decided to do some organizing in our file cabinet.

I was picking up some baby snacks last week to put in Matthew's stocking.  He can't have chocolate kisses yet!  He seemed to know that they were for him as he grabbed them and held him for the duration of the shopping trip!

My friend hosts a 'Mom's Game Night' at her house once a month.  It's a time for us moms to get together and play games - or not.  We used to actually play games.  Now we just get together to have snacks and talk.  Everything was fine until our host pulled out this bag from the pantry.  I had to try them.  They actually are not bad and they really do taste like shrimp!