Thursday, December 15, 2011

Final Grades!

Final grades were posted last Tuesday.

We're so happy for James!  He worked really hard and did a great job during his first semester.  Spring Semester starts mid-January.  He'll basically have the same classes with an additional Computer Science class.  He will still only have 12 credits.  That is the minimum that he has to enroll in to maintain his scholarships.  

Yesterday Faith and I spent a few hours at the hospital having some extra tests done following her ER visit for the numbness and slurred speech.  She had a sleep-deprived EEG and an MRI yesterday.  We might know something by Friday regarding the results.  

For the EEG we had to keep her up really late the night before and wake her up early.  She went to bed around midnight and I got her up at 5:30.  I was exhausted, but she didn't seem to be tired.  Thankfully she slept during the test like she was supposed to.

Today we have school on the schedule . . . and cleaning.  Tomorrow is the big birthday.  Saturday we have plans to have our Christmas picture taken followed by some Christmas caroling with friends.  It will be busy but should be fun.  

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The Resident Farmer said...

Great job James! We are really proud of you. Saying a prayer for Faith's results to good news.

Luv Ya