Thursday, December 29, 2011

Back the Truck Up!

I transferred a lot of photos from the cameras to the computer today and found a few that I wanted to share from before Christmas.  

People down here have a bit of difficulty spelling simple words!  Ha!  I thought this sign was funny.

Matthew decided to do some organizing in our file cabinet.

I was picking up some baby snacks last week to put in Matthew's stocking.  He can't have chocolate kisses yet!  He seemed to know that they were for him as he grabbed them and held him for the duration of the shopping trip!

My friend hosts a 'Mom's Game Night' at her house once a month.  It's a time for us moms to get together and play games - or not.  We used to actually play games.  Now we just get together to have snacks and talk.  Everything was fine until our host pulled out this bag from the pantry.  I had to try them.  They actually are not bad and they really do taste like shrimp! 

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