Monday, December 19, 2011

Alyssa wanted a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup birthday cake this year.  So, I made a very good chocolate cake and some peanut butter buttercream icing for the top.  Then the girls chopped up some peanut butter cups and we added those at the end.  

It turned out like this!

The birthday girl and her little brother.

Daddy came home for lunch that day and we had cake and presents!

Then they dressed up and went out to dinner that night.  They went to a place called French Market Bistro.  I think they had a good time!  

Thank you everyone for the cards and presents!!  

On Saturday James had to practice for his part in the Christmas program at church.  Then we drove down to Sorrento, LA to have our annual family picture taken.  I've yet to see them but hopefully they turned out good.  It was really fun.  

That night we went carolling with some friends of ours through their neighborhood.  Only three of the houses had people home.  Probably had something to do with it being the last Saturday before Christmas Eve.  Oh well!  We still got to hang out with friends and have yummy treats.  

My talented friend Jessica made these snowman cake pops.  I didn't want to eat mine.  But when I did, it was very good!

James had a few lines in the Christmas program at church on Sunday.  He recited some scripture.  He had been practicing last week and did very well during the performance. 

Stay tuned for a sneak-peek of our family pictures!

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The Resident Farmer said...

Great pics. Your daughter looks so grown up in the pic with Dad. Gosh, time flies. James did a real good job on Sunday. The SBN seems to be pretty powerful as it took over one of our websites. Very strange.

Luv Ya