Sunday, December 11, 2011

All They Want For Christmas

It took longer for the Christmas lists to be made this year.  We seem to be a bit busier than last year at this time!!   Once the lists are made, they're generally put on the fridge for all to see.  

Here are a few pictures of lists this year:

Alyssa helped Andrew make his list.   He's got a bit of a cowboy theme in mind this year.

Brian and I were teasing Faith and made an addition to her list at the bottom.  I didn't notice that she crossed it out until I put this picture on the computer!  Ha!


A little spy theme going on for Jon.  

James and Alyssa's lists are missing and Peter doesn't have one.  We're pretty sure he'll be happy with whatever he gets.  

They love to shop for each other and, in years past, it was a little crazy keeping track of who had bought for who.  Seriously confusing.  So, for the past several years, they just buy for one of their siblings.  
Every Thanksgiving the kids draw names.  Sometimes it's out of a hat, sometimes they pick a card.  This way each child buys for one brother or sister.  

The lists are made and it helps the kids decide what to get each other.  Of course, Brian and I use the lists to finish out our shopping too.  It's almost impossible to remember what everyone wants as it often changes from week to week!

With the names drawn and the lists made, the presents start showing up underneath the tree.  This happens simultaneously with the migration of the ornaments.  The pretty decorations slowly move up and away from the current baby's little hands.  

This year it's Matthew!

Too bad we can't put the presents up too.  He's been exploring under the tree lately.  Should be a fun Christmas!

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Farmer's Wife said...

Very cute. Matthew will have the presents opened for everyone or maybe change the name tags around. hahahaha. Love you all!