Thursday, December 22, 2011


Catch the title?  Spitz . . . hahahahaha!  Inside joke.  

Anyway. . . 

The girls and I made spritz cookies today.  Must have them for Christmas.  Great Grandma Berg's cookie press is still going strong. The kids always want to help press out the cookies - and I usually let them try - but this thing is very temperamental and ancient.  I want it to last for many more years so I have to be careful with it.  

 The Christmas trees are my favorite.  

The kids went a little overboard on the sprinkles this year.  

We each had a few and then we set them aside for Christmas.  It was hard to put them away.  But we'll be glad we saved some for this weekend.  

They were delicious as usual!

We're almost done with our shopping.  I know!  Brian will be going out - maybe tonight - to pick up a few more things for the kids.  They're very excited and counting down the days!

We're about to head out to the post office with our Christmas cards.   We ordered them through Target photo online and, because of a two-day delay, they will be late arriving this year.  If I had known this I would have picked a 'Happy New Year' card.  Oh well.  Hope you like this year's picture.

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