Thursday, December 8, 2011

For the Lack of Dairy Queen

There's only one Dairy Queen here in Baton Rouge.  One.  And it's painfully far away from our house.  Somewhere up near the airport.  I've never met anyone who has been there.  

Thank goodness there are plenty of Sonic locations nearby!  

My favorite thing from DQ is a Butterfinger Blizzard. 

One night while Brian was in Texas we decided to make a little treat for ourselves.  

A homemade version . . .

First, crush the candy bars in a bag with a rolling pin.

Then sprinkle the candy crumbs over some vanilla ice cream in a bowl.

Next, find a little boy and make his day.  

Then, find another little boy who wants one.

Finally - give the goofball his last!



Farmer's Wife said...

Only ONE DQ??? I think that's against the law. Boy that ice cream looks pretty good!!
Love you all!

The Resident Farmer said...

Cute. Also sad that you only have one Dairy Queen down there. What's wrong with those people? I think I told you that the Lowes in Cambridge was closed, well the Sonic Drive-In closed too. I guess some things just don't work well in different parts of the country.

Luv Ya


Corinna said...

Yeah, the ice cream was really good! I can see why the Sonic in Cambridge closed. They probably couldn't get anyone to work outside for the nine months of the year that it's cold. And probably a lot of Minnesotans aren't too keen on slushies in January!

Ted said...

BUTTERFINGER BLIZZARD!! For the win! Favorite horrible-for-my-health food ever.