Friday, December 9, 2011

James LSU Update

Today is the last day of finals for Fall Semester at LSU.  So far James has survived exams for Biology Lab, Calculus, and Computer Science.  This afternoon he will take his Biology Lecture exam.

Grades are due sometime next week.  

I will post another update when the grades are posted.  

Then he will have a break from school until mid-January.  It will be a break for all of us as we will not have to drive to "college" twice a day.  The other kids call it college!  I'm sure James will be doing a lot of sleeping in during the next month!

He's already registered for Spring Semester.  The classes will be the same with an additional Computer Science course.  The schedule will be quite different though. We've gotten used to the schedule he's on now so we will have to do some adjusting in January.  

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