Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jon's Tenth Birthday

Jon had his big TENTH birthday last this week.  We celebrated ahead of time because he wanted a sleepover with a few friends.  

First we headed out to the local bowling alley.

Bowling is fun!  The boys had a good time.  

Then we headed home for pizza, presents and cake.  

Faith and I made a bowling-themed cake for Jon. 

The boys played tag in the dark backyard and slept in the living room that night.  

The next morning Brian made mancakes and sausage for everyone.

And then there was an epic Nerf war in the backyard.  

Jon picked up his new favorite shirt with some of his birthday money.

Thanks everyone for the cards and gifts for Jon.  

Stay tuned for more!  

**PS**  I plan to keep updating this private One Smith Day with more personal things about the family, which you should still get in your email inboxes.  The public One Smith Day will contain less personal stories and recipes for everyone.  I want to keep them both because we use this private one as a journal of sorts and enjoy looking back through the years at ourselves and how the kids have grown.