Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Fun

I took some pictures of Peter at school a little while ago.  

He really likes his math homework!

The end of October is Satsuma season around here.  We have three trees in the backyard and they're fabulous!

The first bowl-full.

They're the perfect size, easy to peel (even Matthew can do it if you start it for him) and super juicy.  

Matthew likes to section his all out sometimes. 

Wish we had three more trees!  

The neighbor's cat, Kitty (that's what we call her anyway) likes to hang out in our yard trying to sneak into the house and generally begging for attention and petting.  

Hey Kitty, what's that you got there? 

A baby snake!!  Can you see it?

We're 24 weeks with the new baby - so just over half way.  16 more weeks to go.  Sounds like a lot and not very much all at the same time.  

The girls are taking an informal photography class with some of the kids in our home school group.  

It's been fun seeing the assignments that they have - and using their brothers as subjects. 

Look at these three characters.




And a couple of my favorite flower ones.