Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Andrew's Birthday

Andrew turns 7 this week.  We celebrated a couple of days early because his birthday falls on the first day of International Kids Conference (more on that another day) and he is not going to be home the evening of his birthday.

I took the kids shopping earlier for presents and captured this video in the toy aisle. 

Thankfully, no Fart Blasters were purchased during this shopping trip.

Andrew wanted an orange creamsicle cake for his birthday.  This is a new flavor in the cake aisle. 

He told me he wanted an orange on the top - so I complied. 

Alyssa and Grace - ready to party.  

We had pizza for dinner (no surprise).  Andrew chose buffalo chicken and cowboy pizzas.  

After dinner we had presents. 

He was excited.

Jon - in his new Saints jersey.

A card.


What's this?

An Avengers puzzle.

More candy

More toys and candy.


Grace was there - but it wasn't interesting enough to keep her awake. 

More cards

A Star Wars card!

This card was James' favorite.

Then it was time to head to the table for cake and ice cream.

James wants cake.

Matthew does too.

The birthday boy. 

Gracie - waking up!

He had a good party and got lots of nice presents.  Thanks to the grandparents who sent cards and money for him - he's thrilled to go shopping!

Stay tuned for a post from the kids' recital - Coming Soon!

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