Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Battle, a Baby and a Beard

Part of the fun of downloading pictures from my camera to the computer is finding surprise pictures that the kids have taken.

Such as documentation of a battle between Hulk and War Machine. 

Even though technically they are on the same team, they must have been having some kind of beef with each other.

Having "words"

Hulk takes him down.

War Machine is unable to recover. 

Hulk wins!!

In other news . . . 

Gracie is STILL cute!

She got a box of new clothes from G&G Berg

So pretty and tasty too!

And finally . . .

Matthew had blueberry pie and ice cream.  Blueberry Beard!

The End


Wife of the Farmer said...

Looks like there's a little growing room in that one yet. I thought it was so cute!! The blueberry pie looks yummy!

Corinna said...

Yeah, she will grow into it soon. :)