Thursday, June 19, 2014

James' Trip to Spartanburg, SC Part 1

James was invited to go along with a small team from Salvation Station to Spartanburg, SC for a kids camp.  

He flew out early on Wednesday and sent back some pictures of his trip. 

He was pretty excited.

Victoria and James

They went from New Orleans and they had a layover in Atlanta.

Where he picked up some breakfast.


Then they boarded a second flight to Greenville, SC.

James and Victoria


They drove to Spartanburg, had lunch and rested at the hotel before the first evening service. 

We tried to watch "live" but there were problems with the streaming. 

James took a picture of the tent canopy they are under.

This morning we watched "live" and it was a lot smoother.  

We took some pictures of James on the screen.

Part of Salvation Station's worship team and Pastor Mike

 It sure was fun to see him online.  

I will give updates as they come.

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