Friday, June 13, 2014

IKC 2014

Last week 6 of the kids went to IKC - International Kids Conference (Camp).

Registration was early Thursday morning.

We had to wait in line.  

Andrew and his friend.

Peter was old enough for camp this year

He's ready  - not sure they're ready for him though.
(check out Andrew and his friend in the back with the bunny ears - classic)

The line was long and we got a little goofy.

Gracie fell asleep.

Checking in.

Peter and his friend Maria.  

So, after dropping off six of the kids, I took the remaining two to Target. 

I got Matthew a slushie and we did some shopping. 

Kids Conference is different now in that the kids sleep at home and the activities and services happen during the day.  In order to provide more of a "camp" feel for the boys we invited Jon's friend Zane to stay at our house during conference.  

Each morning I dropped them off and then returned at night to get them. 

Early morning - ready for camp.  Peter is still going strong but some of the others are looking tired. 

James played the piano for both worship services each day.

Mrs. Tara photobombing - she coordinates the Salvation Station worship team. 


Alyssa was a C.I.T. this year (counselor in training) and she had a small group of girls to look after. 

One of the girls with Alyssa.

Matthew was a big help around the house while everyone else was gone.  

He discovered an unusual talent for rinsing the dishes. 

The last night of camp was Saturday night.

Lots of kids were at the altar this night.



Each kid gets a camp t-shirt and on the last night they sign each other's shirts.

They even got Pastor Mike to sign for them.

Peter and Laila!

They all had a good time!  Can't wait until next year!

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