Monday, November 24, 2014

Grace is 9 Months!

Our littlest girl is 9 Months old today. 

In order to get a post up on time instead of so late like last month, I tried to use our tablet to take some pictures. 

She's so wild it's hard to get her to hold still.

She has Einstein hair.  😀

Maybe I'll try and hold her in my lap . . . 

Sort of worked!

She took a couple of steps the other day already.  She was going for Matthew who was hold in out his arms to her.  It was pretty cute! She has six teeth now and getting another one.  She likes to play "row your boat" and listen to Christmas music.  

Stay tuned for pictures from our trip to NOLA and the Audubon Zoo - coming soon!

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Wife of the Farmer said...

What a cutie pie! Growing so fast too!!