Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Zoo, Boys, Grace and a Drink

Some weeks ago we headed down to New Orleans and the Audubon Zoo for a field trip with several other home schooling families from our church.  

We ended up being a small group compared to our trip two years ago.  I think the cool temperatures scared off a bunch of people, but we ended up having a great day.  

Andrew spies a white Bengal tiger.

Peter - not checking out the elephants.  

Jon selfie.

Grace was having fun on her first trip to the zoo.

Baby alligators in a tank in the gift shop.  The kids could stick their heads up through the tank.


I think the baby alligators were scared.

I think if he reached over he could have grabbed one.

Brian found a cool walking stick in the gift shop as well.

Some ninjas we encountered along the way.

Alyssa and Matthew hanging out.

Bunch o' kids.


In other news . . . 

The boys got dressed up fancy for dinner.  We were having bowtie pasta.

Grace is adorable and is walking now.  She has taken up to 18 baby steps in a row.  I know because at least 6 people are watching and counting her every step.

And finally, 

Andrew makes the best glass of ice water in the lower 48.  Just the right ratio of ice to water.  

Stay tuned for Grace at Chik-Fil-A -  you won't want to miss it.

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