Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Pictures!

We were obviously running out of time to get our Christmas cards sent out.  

I had to cancel our studio appointment when Gracie came down with the flu. 

When she got better, we couldn't get in for an appointment. 

So, what were we to do?  

Get dressed up and head to the park to take them ourselves.  

Ever try and get eight kids to stand still for a photo?  

Actually, these were taken at the end of our photo shoot and I asked them to run around like crazy.  

Since we were all dressed up and nowhere to go we headed out to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch. 


We had our own little private room all decorated for Christmas.


Gracie wanted the lemon from my water.  



She went right back for more though.

A good lunch was had by all.  

Hopefully your Christmas card will arrive before Christmas if not soon after.  

1 comment:

Wife of the Farmer said...

Wow! Pretty great looking family, all dressed up!!
Merry Christmas! Love you all!