Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!!


We spent a rather quiet New Year's this year. 
Well, quiet is a relative term really. 
James and Matthew played Ninjas.
Brian served up corn dogs and root beer floats for dinner. 
We like it when he does ketchup and mustard artwork on the plates.

Can you tell I'm working on the settings on the new camera??

This one's a little too bright. 
Then we played a game of Monopoly.

Brian and I made a trade early in the game.  I got a pretty good deal.

Alyssa was hogging up the railroads. 


Faith was our excellent banker.
Quick deposits/withdrawals and no fees!!

For some reason I kept landing where Brian would land.  He was the shoe and I was the thimble.  Jon had claimed the car before I got there.
Then Brian landed on 'Go To Jail'.
We snickered a little bit . . .

Until I landed on it too and had to serve time with him.
Alyssa ended up winning Monopoly.
At midnight we went outside to see the fireworks.  Someone a few houses down from us was lighting some off.  It was fun. 
The next day we lazed around and played more games.  Andrew won Sorry a couple of times.  He's the Sorry champion! 

Peter likes to play Sorry!
Today I spent some time baking cookies to replenish the cookies that we ate from the freezer.  :)
Grandma and Grandpa Smith are on their way!  We're excited to see them.  The kids have lots of plans! 
We'll be gone next week so stay tuned for news of our trip! 
Happy New Year! 

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Wife of the Farmer said...

Happy New Year! Looks like you had a fun time, playing games and having plate art. Have a wonderful vacation!