Monday, January 28, 2013

Audubon Zoo

Last Saturday, after much rigmarole  we spent the day at the Audubon Zoo.  We were supposed to go to the Aquarium downtown, but the NFL was taking over the parking lots and closing streets a full week before the super bowl.  Bummer.  We will hit the Aquarium next month instead.  

After being stuck in some foggy traffic on the interstate, we met our friends and went into the zoo (all 73 of us!!)

We had great weather and spent a good day there.  

Daddy and the boys learn about the Sun Bear

Peter and an elephant. 

Andrew made me take a picture of the lion.  

Daddy and Matthew

A turtle!

Matthew pets a turtle.

Peter pets a guinea pig.

Andrew and Peter in a log house.

Looking at poisonous frogs. 


The otters are so cute!  

Look!  Mice! 

Me and some of the kids.  

This is why you don't go into the swamp after dark. 

Outside of the swamp exhibit was something interesting.  

A large net hooked up for the kids to climb through.  

Peter loved it!

Andrew liked it too!

Matthew got his shoe caught and it fell off underneath the net.  

He was done after that. 

Yeah - he didn't like it so much.

Matthew listens intently to Daddy. 


Team Smith

Jon yelled "I'm king of the jaguars!"

 Then Peter said, "Look, Mom!  Look!  It's the KING OF THE DUCKS!"

So I took a picture of the King!  

By then we had seen most all of the zoo.  It was time to leave. 

The Superdome - where the Super Bowl will be played next weekend.  

Finally on Siegen Lane back in Baton Rouge.  Matthew is sooo ready to be home!  

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Wife of the Farmer said...

Looks like it was a full day of activities at the zoo. Liked the team Smith pic very much!